When The Lights Go Out!

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knoweth them that trust in Him. Nahum 1:7

There’s much being written today concerning a possible cyber attack upon America’s electric grid via an EMP, which several nations including China, N. Korean, Iran and other rogue nations now have the capability to launch over America. Gone, at least for a period of time would be all of our electronic devices….TV’s, phones, lights, etc. Most of us have experienced several days without power and remember the hardships we faced during those short periods of time. I shutter, to think of some type of prolonged outage and all of the unrest, chaos and helplessness that will prevail over our entire nation. Perhaps, it would be incumbent upon all of us who are born again Christians to pray with a sense of urgency and become more “intimately acquainted” with the One who reveals the mysteries of the ages to his Beloved and also to encourage our family, friends and others to do the same.

Without being an alarmist, perhaps our Lord will use events like these to get the attention of the Church and thus bring about a great end-time revival. God forbid that happens before the rapture of the church; but if it does, we must be prepared to minister to those who will be roaming aimlessly, searching for help and answers to the great unrest gripping our land. It’s, however comforting to know the One who has the answers and… “knoweth them that trust in Him.”

Don Harkins

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