Live Life – Don Harkins

By:  Don Harkins

The other day while riding the stationery bicycle at the Greenville Heath System’s Life Center, I noticed a gentleman in front of me whose back of tee shirt read: Live Life….Committed to Fitness. The occasion was my daily, morning routine visit with the purpose of keeping my arthritic knees operational.  I, along with probably 100 others were very committed in our daily routines….walking, running, pulling, stretching and jumping, and some were even stretching their physical prowess to the limits.  In other words, some were laboring and sweating very intensely.  After reading the tee shirt my mind quickly went to this thought.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with the commitment to physical fitness. I wondered how many of those going through rigorous physical exercise were equally committed to their “Personal Spiritual Fitness” and to the spiritual condition of those around them.

Time is such a precious commodity and the lack of time is often the excuse we use in not spending quality time with our Lord.  Recently, I was convicted along these lines pertaining to time.  For years, I had been a “political and sports junkie”, watching, listening and reading everything I could find pertaining to sports and politics. I also spent considerable amount of time writing op/ed. articles to the local newspaper.   I have now realized that these think matter very little when we consider eternity.  With the help of the Holy Spirit my focus has now turned more to: knowing Him and making Him known.

The overreaching question perhaps for all of us to consider might  be:  How much time do we spend in our  everyday life pleasing the natural man as opposed to the quality time that we spend with the Master?…..Time is Short and the later is what will really matter at That Day!

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