Are you a disciple of the Lord, Jesus Christ and does your lifestyle prove it?

SheperdIn today’s Evangelical Christian World, according to the experts and pollsters, there is a great need for modern day disciples throughout the churches of all denominations. In addition to the pollsters, for the past five years evangelical pastors throughout the country were asked to rank the top five needs within the church.  Without exception prayer and discipleship have ranked number one and number two. Prayer and discipleship consistently ranked above the other needs within the church, i.e. membership, finances, buildings and leadership, etc.

One pollster recently reported that within the evangelical churches, there is no more than 10-12 percent of the membership that consider themselves disciples. The pollsters used the following criteria in their research in identifying true disciples of Jesus Christ.

One who loves God’s Word and reads and meditates upon the Word on a daily basis

One who spends considerable time in prayer

One who loves lost souls and witnesses on a regular basis

 Given these disturbing facts, we feel a strong sense of urgency to report these recent findings and to also offer support in regards to the need for modern day, New Testament Disciples.  Our mission is to encourage Christians to accept the invitation to follow Christ and in turn…to go into all the world and make disciples.

Acts 6:7
And the Word of God increased…. and the number of disciples multiplied greatly.

Webster defines a disciple as a follower or learner of another, a school or of a purpose.  Oswald Chamber describes a disciple as….one who has the same interests in others as our Lord has, namely that of salvation and subsequent spiritual growth.  Further, a disciple of Jesus is one who becomes intimately acquainted with the Master and follows in His footsteps, leading men and women to repentance, baptism and obedience.    In conclusion, we can summarize the entirety of the disciples walk with Christ as a mission…..to Know Him and to make Him known.

Please prayerfully read through the information listed below pertaining to discipleship and be sure to share the information as God directs.

A Disciple of Jesus Christ

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