by: Don Harkins

Our website does not inlcude an exhaustive an in depth study of discipleship but rather  our goal is to raise the awareness and need for Christians to respond to our Lord’s call to “come follow me.” Again, we believe that discipleship is more than a program or a set curriculum.  It is, in fact, a lifestyle and begins when the believer makes a conscious decision to follow Christ and strives through the work of the Holy Spirit to become like Him.  A disciple is a student, a learner and most of all an adherent to the teaching of his master.  A true disciple must take all of Christ’s teachings and implement them with the help of the Holy Spirit into his life in such a way that he lives like Jesus lived.

Have you heard and responded to the call that our Lord has extended to every believer.If you have, we rejoice with you and are excited that you are involved, as a disciple of the Lord, Jesus Christ, in the harvest of souls.  If you have not responded to His Call, will you please prayerfully consider answering the call today and become a part of a great army of disciples being assembled for the end-time harvest.  You may contact us for an outline of the more detailed study of discipleship.

Prayer of Consecration

Our most gracious heavenly Father, as I consider all of the benefits that You load upon me on a daily basis….forgiveness, abundant life, health, peace in a world that’s in utter chaos, protection from evil, the blessings of family and friends, shelter, clothing and nourishment for the body….my heart leaps with gratitude to think that the Creator of heaven and earth is concerned enough for me to love me this much.  I know that I could never repay You for all of this, nor could I praise You long enough to express my gratitude for the grace, mercy and peace that you have shown me.  I also realize that I could never work long enough and hard enough to earn any of these blessings.  I ask your forgiveness for my slothfulness, apathy and half-hearted efforts, sometimes flawed motives and frequent attempts to follow You in my own strength.  Forgive me for the lost opportunities of sharing this glorious Gospel and for my neglect of the fatherless, the widows, the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the imprisoned. And forgive me for often, during times of trials and despair, allowing my light to dim to a dull blur. Today I dedicate my life as a living sacrifice to You, my lord.  I give You my heart, mind and soul and all of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations….my time, talent and treasures I give to You, Oh Lord. I pledge that my remaining days, with your help, will be devoted to You and to Your Kingdom Work.  My great desire is that I truly display all of the marks of a true, New Testament disciple of Jesus Christ and that Your Light shines through me so brightly that all those with whom I come in contact will be impacted for the Glory of God.  I pray these things in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.  dh

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