Make Room For Him


Another year has passed so swiftly by and we are now approaching what, for most of us, is the busiest time of the year as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, the birth of the Savior of all mankind. There’s so much to do in preparation for this most eventful occasion…shopping for our loved ones, planning our Christmas Celebrations and cooking our family’s favorites. There will be Office Parties, Church Parties and Programs and finally our celebration with the ones we love the dearest. Countless hours will be spent on decorating our homes and planning just for this one special occasion.

As we consider the true meaning of Christmas and the fact that many of us are recipients of the greatest gift ever afforded mankind, let us not forget the fact that Jesus wants to reign supreme in all of our lives.  For those who have never accepted this gift and to those who have perhaps become wayward, Jesus longs to become our “all in all”.

Just like Mary and Joseph over 2,000 years ago were searching for a room in the inn, so our Lord desires to occupy the throne of our hearts where he rules and reigns over the affairs of our lives.  One commentator writes that we should not desire “more of Him” since we are complete in Him, but rather we should remove “more of the stuff” in our lives so that Christ can indeed have preeminence.

May we all strive to limit our time spent on the mundane and focus more on Him and in spreading His Glorious Gospel to all mankind…to the lost and alone.

And may your heart be filled and overflow with the blessed Hope that we have in Christ during this most joyous time of the year.

A Very, Merry Christmas to You and to Your Family.

Don Harkins    
Shadow Of The Steeple Ministries 

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